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    Printing thickener are based on derivatives of guar gum, tamarind combination of polysaccharides for various textile printing application. They are suitable for almost all kinds of dyestuffs polyester, cotton, silk, nylon, etc. And also suitable for different printing styles & printing on screens,rotary & flatbed machines. read more


    It is a white to slightly yellowish powder in the form of pill, granules & powder, etc. It is used as an intermediate for dyes, oxidizing agent for electroplating & auxiliary for printing fabrics. It is basically a sodium salt of sodium meta nitrobenzene sulphonate. It is recommended for use in all print pastes which may be alkaline, containing dyes sensitive to reduction action. read more


    Chemical used to increase the efficiency in textile processing operation such as scouring, bleaching, dying & printing are called textile auxiliaries. They are also as wash and wear, water repellency aroma furnish, color deepening, more

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