Printing Thickners


    Guar gum is prepared from guar seeds. It is a white to yellowish powder. Guar gum is an emulsifier, thickener and stabilizer approved for use in wide range of goods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It is very useful in textile industry, paper industry, explosive, oil & gas drilling. Guar hum gives excellent file forming & thickening properties who used for textile sizing, finishing and printing. read more


    Tamarind gum & derivation are derived from tamarind kernel seeds. It is a creation white powder. Carboxyl methyl tamarind gum is used for printing disperse dyes on polyester and its blended fabric. This is one of the most preferred modified gum for printing highly leveled prints with sharp designer patterns without affecting color value of dyes. It has good wash off more

  • MI-350,

    It is a highly modified galotomanuan for printing of cotton & royal fabrics. It is a reddish brown powder. It gives a both color value and good wash off properties. It can be used in combination with sodium alginate in the proportion more

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