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  • Megha Industries

    We introduce our selves as a Group of Companies Engaged in Manufacturing, Marketing and Export of Various Products for Textile Industry, Important Product Range includes thickening agents, (Guar Gum and Tamarind Seeds Powder) along with Adhesives Solutions, Dyes & Chemicals for Textile Industries.

    Company's Vision is to grow by Serving World -Class binding and adhesive products to customers. We have worldwide customers, countries, like Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Italy, Belgium, South Korea, China, Bangladesh & Iran.

    The state of the Manufacturing facility , skilled technician, professional staff and enthusiastic marketing team helps us to serve Tailor-Made needs of the customers. Regular R & D made us able to sail great milestones. Enclosed products list will brief you about the products. For further details please write us at our email address : info@meghaindustries.com

Megha’s Vision

To Grow by Serving World - Class Binding and Adhesive Products to satisfy Customers in Food, Pharma, Textiles, Wood-working and Paper Industries Worldwide and custom made requirements of the Customers.

Our Thickening Agent is Developed From Natural Guar Seed’s & Tamarind Seed’s. India is the Largest Guar Producing Country in the World, which gives us a Competitive Edge to Choose the Best Raw Materials and Offer Competitive Finished Products. Our 20 Years of Experience in this Field has Proved us One of The Best and The Largest Supplier in the Country. Prominent Services and Quality Products have Given a Valuable and Consistent Clientele. The State of The Art Manufacturing Facility, Skilled Technicians, Professional Staff and Enthusiastic Marketing Team Helps us to Serve Tailor- Made needs of the Customers. Regular R & D made us Able to Sail Great Milestones.

Our Group of Companies

Megha Industries is a Group of Companies Engaged in Manufacturing, Marketing and Export of Various Products for Food, Pharma, Textiles, Paper and Wood-working Industries.

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  • 2 Pharma

  • 3 Textiles

  • 4 Paper

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